So Lonely

I’m so lonely Baby
think I’m going crazy

How I’m missing you
but nothing can do

While you are away
my mind does stray

I’m left to think of
the depth of the love

That to only me
you’ve given so selflessly

Since we first met
the more I get

Lonesome for you dear
and it becomes clear

What you mean to me
for you are my destiny!

For Mark, how I love you!

Teresa Marie  10/10/11

Love? What Is Love?


Love, love, love
what is love
if not given
from God above?

Can be good
can be bad
makes you happy
makes you sad

Love can hurt
it can heal
and most certainly
your heart steal

Can be right
can be wrong
 make you feel
that you belong

Love can shrink
or can grow
it depends on
what you sow

It can be
so many things
and something different
to each it brings

Love can ripen
or it stales
but when it true
love never fails!

Teresa Marie   9/3/11


Either It Is Or It Ain’t

Love either is or it ain’t
to be given without complaint

For no love can be thin
if there’s a return you’ll win

‘Cause that’s no kind at all
into which another can ever fall

A true love must be grand
for the test of time to stand 

You must give love without measure
to the one whose heart you treasure!

Teresa Marie   6/12/11