Some Updates 

Late in November of last year we lost Mark’s father.  Al lost his battle with cancer and he is dearly missed.  Thank God he only lasted about a week on hospice when the angels took him home.  Sebastian was his buddy and he still looks for him every time he goes to their house.  He knows he’s not in the bed anymore, so he talks to Poppy’s picture instead 😦

Speaking of Sebastian, he’s 18 months old already!  Remember this little guy?

Well, here he is now…

And those sweet little twin babies my son had…

And let’s not forget my two little scholars…

Where does the time go?  I can feel myself aging by the minute!  

Last but not least, some of my latest work…

I hope everybody has been as well as can be expected!!

God bless and keep you all,  Terri

The Latest Updates

Well, I thought I should fill you in on what is going on so far:

1)  Dad is home but has now lost his appetite and his brain is still not functioning correctly and mom is concerned.  I told her she should get some of those protein shakes and mix them with ice cream (’cause dad likes his ice cream in the evenings).  I just want them to be able to come home but dad’s appointment with the doctor isn’t until the 19th.  I told mom that at least they would be able to be there for Marge’s funeral, though dad may not be up to going to it and mom may not be able to leave him home alone to go either.  😦

2) They are doing the third bypass surgery on Penny’s leg tomorrow.  Still don’t know yet if they will have to take her foot or if they can save it. 😦

3) Sara’s school did a big presentation on bullying and laid out the guidelines and consequences for it.  So far, the girls have been leaving her alone.  🙂

4) My eldest daughter is doing better with her current life crisis and things are looking a bit brighter there.  🙂

5)  I am maintaining a pretty even keel as best I can.  Keeping the faith and praying for all concerned.

That is my latest news flash for today!!

I again wanted to thank everyone for their prayers and support!!  My kids have seen comments that have been left and were deeply touched by them as well as myself!  God bless you all!!!!!!