A Beautiful Story In Pictures Via Mom

Every day – at the same time – she waits for him…
He comes… and they go for a walk
Wouldn’t it be great if we all had friends like this…no words needed…they just intuitively 
recognize the value of each other in their lives and act accordingly.

Time, Time, Time

When time, time, time
just as everyone knows
without reason or rhyme
over the years goes

By the seconds and hours
as sand through the glass
that our life devours
before it does pass

On what it is spent
defines our value and worth
by God to us lent
while still here on earth

So let it be used
to bless one other life
and not to be abused
by heaping on more strife

That God then will say
well done faithful servant
you walked in the way
for which life was meant!

Teresa Marie  11/23/11


Sunset at The North Pole – Newest E-mail From Mom – Awesome Picture!!!

Sunset at the North Pole
This is one of the rarest pictures that you will ever see in your life
when the moon was closest to the earth. The date the picture
was taken was Thursday, 13th May 2011 . 
   This is the sunset at the North Pole with the moon at its closest point last week.

a scene you will probably never get to see in person, so take a moment and
enjoy God at work at the North Pole.
And, you also see the sun below the moon, an amazing photo and not one easily
duplicated. You may want to pass it on to others so they can enjoy it.

The Chinese have a saying that goes something like this:
‘When someone shares with you something of value,
you have an obligation to share it with others!’
I just did ….your turn.

The World Means Everything

The world means everything
that there is to me
Every little bird to sing
and fish in the sea

I even love the rain
for it contains a rainbow
The freshness in the air
after the storms blow

And you are my world
I wouldn’t live without you
For my sun and moon
rise and fall with you

Darling I love you!

Teresa Marie  9/4/11