How Ever?

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How ever do I say

my love for you today

and do it in a way

the depth of it convey?

How ever do I show

the breath it did grow

from a few years ago

that you will truly know?

How ever do I make

you sure I won’t forsake

the vows I did take

before we cut the cake?

How ever will you see

in this life of mortality

what you mean to me

when you are my reality?

The best that I can do

is every day telling you

and pray you see it too

for, baby, how I love you!!

Teresa Marie  1/3/11 ©

For my husband, my soul mate, my heart!

By The Sea

Oh my darling love
where can you be?

I’ve been waiting here
standing by the sea

This is the day
you’re to marry me

For this loving union
is our true destiny

I stand here looking
your ship to see

Yet it hasn’t appeared
I’m beginning to worry

But I’ll wait darling
long as need be

Dear God, from fear
please set me free

Look over my love
bring him to me

We’ll say our vows
before man and Thee!

Teresa Marie  11/7/11