Dancing In The Rain (Revisited)

You Know

You know you’re in love
when your heart beats madly

And you can’t get enough
of each other’s company


When their touch you crave
and their face to see

And when you’re finally together
the world ceases to be


When your lips then meet
it is such sweet ecstasy

When you give to another
all you have for free


That’s when you know
that it’s for eternity

‘Cause this is just how
it happened to me


Teresa Marie  9/5/11

And I knew, love you Babe!

Missing You

I am missing you

I feel so bad today

What will I do

Can’t make it go away

I’m like a little kid

To summer camp went

Who flipped their lid

After they were sent

And missed mommy so

All they did was cry

‘Til home they did go

And told camp good-bye

Now I wait for you

After your work is done

Say how much I missed you

For my love you’ve won!

Teresa Marie   8/23/11 ©

Waiting and Waiting


I sit here waiting and waiting
as to a butterfly I’m relating

The questions I have of this
and if I’ll ever find bliss

’cause I’m trapped here waiting
and with myself am I debating

If someday my prince will come
but to the world I grow numb

For all the waiting and waiting
there must be some compensating

If soon he doesn’t arrive
how will I ever survive?

The more I sit here waiting
the more my life I’m hating

God, please come save me
then my prince You’ll be!

Teresa Marie  8/15/11