My Thursday Thoughts – When Life Gives You Lemons

 I like this picture and the sentiment in it.  When life gives you lemons, what do you do with them? 

 It’s funny ’cause I love lemons.  I actually have story about lemons & limes that I thought I would tell you today.

When I was younger, between say 12 – 17 years old, my dad would be sure to have lemons, limes and olives in the fridge.  (I suppose he probably always did but this story pertains to this certain timeframe.)  When he got home from work, he would go to make a drink.  Depending on what he was making, he would get out one of the three to go with it.  There were numerous times that he would go for a lemon or lime that he knew was there yesterday only to find it gone.  You’d hear his low voice start with a rumble and turn to grumble when he’d say, “Terrriii!!  Have you been eating my lemons/limes again?!  What did I tell you about taking the last one?”  I would go skulking in and say, “Sorry dad!  I guess I didn’t realize it was the last one in there.”  So he started buying them by the bag full and I refrained from eating the last one too! lol. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love watermelon too.  I just bought one not too long ago from a parking lot vendor.  Don’t eat lemons and limes much anymore.

We all have our lemons in life, from vehicles to appliances to people, and we have to deal with what we get.  It’s the getting rid of them that’s the hard part. 

Anybody got some watermelon to trade?

The Lemon Kid,