Please Cut Me Some Slack

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Please cut me some slack
before I have a heart attack

And I begin to wail
over how I did fail

In my plan of action
to my worst dissatisfaction

‘Cause I’m running out of time
which is such a crime

For my personal visits to you
bit off more than I could chew

Of the will had plenty
but found there’s way too many

In a couple of days
to make well wish displays

And now I’m too busy
which is making me dizzy

Please accept my apology
if a visit you didn’t see

I thought that I could
my intentions were all good

So just let me say
to you all right here today

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
for to me you are so dear!!!

Teresa Marie  12/23/11 © 


Sunshine – Friday’s Limerick

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A gift for you of sunshine
given from me and mine
to brighten up your day
in each and every way
that it may be fine!

Teresa Marie  12/23/11 ©