Would Her Revenge Befall – This Week’s Picture It & Write

The witch cackled into the frosty night. The cold air blew her hair in all directions. Her near-translucent locks flailed violently. The tentacles of her hair bit and stung her pale white face. She spat into the bubbling cauldron. If they wanted to banish her from these lands, these lands which belonged to her father, they would have to do a lot more than beat her. The stench of blood tickled her nose. Ancient phrases escaped her lips in a murmur. She dipped her fingers into the frothing mixture before marking her arms and face. A curse would plague this land. She watched as the last ingredient, a single snowflake, fell into the concoction. Something erupted from within the cauldron and the liquid cascaded down the hill, weaving between the pine trees, searching.

– Ermisenda Alvarez


And then she went
where everyone she knew

Would be gathered together
as their celebration ensue

To welcome the winter 
having their yearly festival

Amid their fun and joy
would her revenge befall

Oozing her poison behind
down corridors she flew

As without the countryside
destruction of all that grew

That when it was done
a barren wasteland lay behind

Inside the sick and dying
would be left to find

To let out a cackle
was so hard to resist

That she had to stifle
it with balled up fist

Yes, this was the time
she’d make the town pay

For what they had done
to her on this day!

But she did not know
that something was amiss

As outside the snow
the dying ground did kiss

And freezing her poison
dead in its track

When came riding in
a woman on horseback

‘Twas the white witch
from the north come

Astride her faithful steed
the unicorn “Sugar Plum”

Together they made haste
for the great hall

To end the wicked witch
once and for all!

Teresa Marie  12/24/11 © 



A Spot Of Tea

Image Credit: Chance of Sunshine: Cinderella On Her Tea Break
Cinderella took a break
to have a spot of tea
When a little birdie spake
as normal as can be
“I was just flying along
and spotted you down here
Could you sing me a song
if you’d be so dear?”
Which came as quite a shock
to Cinderella at the time
No that the bird did talk
but instead how he did rhyme
“I don’t want to seem dense
or anything of the such
Yet it doesn’t make any sense
to me all that much
Why would a song bird
want for me to sing
When a melody should be heard
in the tune you’re warbling?”
“Alas because I have no choice
for there’s a problem you see
I recently have lost my voice
and no warble’s left in me!”
As the birdie began to cry
Cinderella’s heart was broken
She said she’d give a try
then realized that he had spoken
“Now just wait one minute,
what’s this game you play?
If you’ve no voice in it
how did those words you say?”
Birdie then hung his head
and shook it to and fro
“Well the truth is,” he said,
“you won’t believe me I know!
But a wicked old witch has
cast a spell on me
And so a bonnie lass
must sing to set me free!”
“Oh you silly little thing
why didn’t you just say so
Of course for you I’ll sing
and back to yourself you’ll go!”
As Cinderella sang strong and clear
birdie became a prince no less
Who then said, “Marry me dear!”
 now Cinderella is his princess!
Teresa Marie  12/20/11 ©