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The Devil’s Whore? – This Week’s Picture It & Write

By brookeshaden

From the sour scowl my mother wore, I knew she detested them. I wasn’t certain what the children were doing in the woods so late at night. The softest buzz of chanting could be heard. The faint scent of smoke and ash lingered. Was my mother right? Were they playing with the devil himself? “Witches! Whores!”My mother spat. I continued to peer outside my window, staring out into the black forest. “Stop staring! Is that what you want to become, Madeline? The devil’s whore?” I shook my head sternly. My mother stormed off, muttering prayers. A black smear was moving in the distance. I could see someone running. A blur of red, a dab of yellow. It was a girl. My fingertips touched the cool glass. What was she running from? Or, who was she running to?

– Ermisenda Alvarez

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__picture it & write

by Ermilia

Somewhat Terrifying

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There’s a face to evil
that is somewhat terrifying 

How it can haunt you
as your soul it’s trying

And lead you into fear
when with it you’re vying

But wicked and seductive
with its words of lying

While its every trick
on you is trying

Just to lure you in
to the Lord defying

It says of those tears
that you have been crying

They’ll  all go away if
you take what it’s supplying

Have everything you want
in life before dying

But if you ever listen
of this there’s no denying

When this life is over
you’ll be the one who’s frying!

Teresa Marie  12/28/11 ©

Something Wicked

Have you ever had
one of those dreams
when something wicked’s coming
as you stifle your screams

All you wanna do
is to just get out
but there’s no way to
and you want to shout

As you sneak around
searching where to hide
from room to room
you slip and slide

The wicked thing’s coming
closer and closer too
as your hearts pounding
hard inside of you

Your mind is filled
with so much fear
that you begin to think
the wicked thing will hear

Then your mouth gets
so thick and dry
your lips start to crack
and you want to cry

In the next room
you hear it there
but to take a breath
you don’t even dare

When all the sudden
you are now awake
with your heart thumping
no more can you take

All you think of is
 “Was that a nightmare?”
and can’t go back to sleep
’cause it was such a scare?!

Teresa Marie  11/8/11




Wicked Generation

Oh you wicked generation 
who has turned away, 
what will you then
at your judgment say?

“But I didn’t know,
nobody ever told me”, 
 when you wouldn’t hear 
and you wouldn’t see.

You deny the Truth 
when in front of you   
because you do not want 
My commands to do.

When the end does come, 
you will see My face
as you stand before 
My throne in your disgrace!

And what of your sins,
for which you cannot lie 
when I’ll see each one
of them before you die?

There’ll be no excuse, 
nor any good reason. 
Know, as with everything, 
there is but a season.

Will only a wasted life
be what’s in your hand? 
Will you hang your head
 when before Me you stand?

Or rather be the one 
who does hold it high
as I say, “Well done!”, 
and your praises cry?

Don’t you want to be 
as the good, wise son 
who does change his ways 
before his life is done?


Teresa Marie