A Father Should Be

I Just “Roll” That Way

*Dedicated to my dad who is currently in the hospital.  I love you dad!!!  

Come home to us soon, I pray, in Jesus name,

Amen and amen!


The Rabbit Family

There was a rabbit family
who at the end of day
gathered at the lake’s shore
so together they could pray

And every now or then
to them God would speak
which excited the bunnies so
they would begin to squeak

This all made the little family
as close as they could be
their greatest desired was humans
their shining example could see

One evening after their prayers
a wish by them was made
that mankind’s resistance to God
from the world would fade

So that a time would come
for peace on earth one day
and when God heard  it all
He made sure there was a Way!

Teresa Marie  11/17/11

My Sunday Thoughts – An Irish Blessing For Your Day

This is my wish and blessing for all
of you today and every day!

May God make it so!

Teresa Marie  10/16/11