Hi everyone!  I’ve been missing you all very much.

Wanted to drop you a note and say that although I have been too busy to post or reply, I have read your comments along the way.

I also want to apologize for not responding or returning the visits.

I have been through the gambit in the last few weeks.

Happy, nervous, anxious, sick, and dealing with teen-aged anxiety!

The preparations for the sale have kept me extremely busy.  Gathering, pricing, inventory, etc.  So much involved and I have been too worn out to do much of anything else.

But I didn’t want any of you to worry about me and decided to take the time to fill you in.

I promise to be back on a regular schedule as soon as I get through my jewelry sale.  It was going to be this weekend, but with the hurricane effects due in I’m not sure if I should wait for another week or not.  I hate to waste the money advertising and then be rained out all weekend!!

God bless you all, my friends!

Love and hugs,

Thursday’s Quote From Confucius

Joyously – Haiku

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My Tuesday Thoughts – Yuck! Just One More Thing to Do




As if I needed one more thing on my to-do list!  I got a message from Fed Ex that my shipping labels were in from K12. 

Now I have to take down, gather up and pack up all the books and computer equipment that they shipped us and ship it all back to them since Sara has to stay in her regular school for now until the “final” custody decision is made in January.

We had just gotten all this furniture moved around and her schooling area set up and organized 😦  She was doing so good too!  As far as I can tell, she was pretty much carrying all A’s with maybe one B.

What a pain in the neck!  It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have all of this other stuff that I have to do for court plus keeping Mark taken care of with his crazy schedule.

Here’s what I’m doing for the next two months:

Visitation with Sara is:  

Wk. 1 – pick up from school on Tues. and visit for 3 hours
 pick up from school on Thurs. for weekend visit.  Take to school on Friday, pick up in afternoon and take to school on Monday.

 Wk. 2 – pick up from school on Wed. and visit for 3 hours

 Wk. 3 – start all over again

(Keep in mind that this is a 30 minute trip to town each way and a whole lot of gas being used.)

I just got my drug screen done which cost us $65 and Mark has to get one too.

I have to sign up for parenting classes in town.  Thank God they are free!

I have to do some case management in town as well.

My daily routine with Mark is:
Start coffee about 30 minutes before time to wake him up.
Make him a meal to eat before he goes in.
Have his laundry done so he has clean uniforms to wear.
Make his lunch for him w/snacks to eat through the night (because he’s losing so much weight that I worry about him).

So, needless to say, I pretty darn busy and keeping track of everything with my short-term memory issues has been a challenge.  Anyway, gotta run – lots to do!

Always remember that Jesus died for us because He loves us!

In His love,