Don’t Know About You, But I Needed This Today!!

I posted this link before but for those of you who missed it or just may need to see it again;

Carrie Underwood and Vince Gill performing “How Great Thou Art” and receiving a standing ovation



One-Man Barbershop Quartet (How Great Thou Art) – Via Mom – Wow!!

Carrie Underhood’s performance is still my favorite but this is amazing!

This guy can sing in 4 differnent octives. He records himself signing the same song in each octive and puts them all together to create the Barbershop Quartet.


Subject: One-Man Barbershop Quartet (How Great Thou Art)     


Heard this guy before and am still amazed at his talent.

Angels Dance In Praise

Angels dance in praise
of our Almighty King

As the angel choir
worship songs do sing

How I do wish
that I could hear

The sounds of heaven
in earthly life here

Can you just imagine
if we danced along

With those angels all
joining them in song?

What a joyous world
truly it could be

As God saw us all
dancing to His majesty!

Teresa Marie  10/6/11

You Are, Oh Lord!

Oh, my Lord, You are
the wind beneath my wings
Your breath does carry me far
with the  song of Life it sings

Oh, my Lord, You are
the very Water that Lives
and death from us will bar
with the salvation it gives

Oh, my Lord, You are
the Bread of Life we eat
in “whatsoever state we are”
only You will our hunger defeat

Oh, my Lord, You are
the blood that is my wine
poured into this bodily jar
as my portion of the Divine

Oh, my Lord, You are
the path on which I walk
my Light and Shining Star
with Whom I daily talk

Oh, my Lord, You are
loved with all my heart
whether You’re near or far
You own it parcel and part!

Teresa Marie   6/26/11


… For it’s not where we worship that counts, but how we worship – is our worship spiritual and real?  Do we have the Holy Spirit’s help?  For God is Spirit, and we may have his help to worship as we should.  The Father wants this kind of worship from us…   John 4:21-24  (TLB)

For it’s not where we worship
That our Father in heaven does count
Be not concerned where you fellowship
For that’s not what is paramount.

But how we worship is important
Is our worship spiritual and real?
In our practice are we consistent?
To God’s heart do we appeal?

Does the Holy Spirit help you?
For God is Spirit, you know?
Tell me, what will you do
That by His wisdom you grow?

We must have His help now
To worship the way we should
As through life’s drudge we plow
May we always do what’s good.

The Father truly wants this kind
Of worship from Christians today
If you try it you will find
It is the only way to pray!

How do you worship and who?
Does it happen in a building?
What effort have you put into
Making your heart open and yielding?

I find nature’s the perfect place
Where Jesus and I can talk
I don’t measure time and space
When with the Lord I walk.

Have you learned to be still
That you may hear His voice?
For to do our Father’s will
You must make a conscious choice.

Who will you follow and obey
This material world or the Lord?
Don’t listen to what doubters say
That mistake you can ill afford!

When time comes to an end
And final judgment has been made
Where will your eternal soul He send
To hell’s fire or heaven’s shade?

Teresa Marie   6/1/09