Utilize – A-Z Alphabet Challenge; U-Archives

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A word to the wise
if prayer we utilize

By God they’re always heard
each and every word

And He will answer some
or only silence will come

For what things we pray
aren’t always the best way

When it is God’s plan
and not of mortal man

Our path does seems unclear
and we fall into fear

But if our faith be sound
the answer will be found

As does His amazing grace
hold no time or space

For it comes by a love
that we know nothing of

While bound on this earth
but I know it’s worth! 

Teresa Marie  1/27/12  ©



Water – Hay(na)ku

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the sustainer

of all life



falls down

upon the earth



are then

with fish rife



bring forth

crops new birth



without you

is no life.



we find

your true worth


Teresa Marie  1/19/12 ©

Time, Time, Time

When time, time, time
just as everyone knows
without reason or rhyme
over the years goes

By the seconds and hours
as sand through the glass
that our life devours
before it does pass

On what it is spent
defines our value and worth
by God to us lent
while still here on earth

So let it be used
to bless one other life
and not to be abused
by heaping on more strife

That God then will say
well done faithful servant
you walked in the way
for which life was meant!

Teresa Marie  11/23/11