are combined
or stand alone 

have each
of their own 

for speaking
thoughts to convey 

as history
for another day

should be
used much more

is lacking
like never before


Teresa Marie  1/23/12 © 


30 Day Letter Writing Challenge – Letter 1; Best Friend

(image source: google.com/images)

About my best friend Penny
what can I ever say

She truly is the best
in every kind of way

From the very first day
that our friendship did begin

Right up to the present
we’ve been through thick and thin

When the heaps upon us
life did seem to pile

Together we have walked
each and every mile

All through the good times
and even those so bad

There has never been
a better friend I’ve had

I’ve accepted all her faults
just as she has mine

In my times of weakness
she has been my spine

To say that I love her
just doesn’t seem enough

Yet to say it better
would be kind of rough

She is the bestest friend
that there could ever be

And I’m so very grateful
that God gave her to me!

Teresa Marie 1/15/12 ©



Voices Heard

(image source: dreamworlds.ru)

Today with the internet

our voices are heard

No longer must wait

for the written word

When everything is downloaded

don’t need the printed page

No more having tattered books

or turning down the page

What I am writing now

you’ll read in a minute

And other than my time

don’t have a dime in it

But all this does somehow

serve to make me sad

When thinking of the fun

in reading books I had

What to me they taught

of using my imagination

Seems to me is lost

on the internet generation

For when it’s all there

right in front of you

What then is there left

for your mind to do?

Guess it could be said

there is good and bad

In every new advancement

out there to be had

So make no mistake

of what I wanna say

Because of all these gadgets

I have this blog today!

Teresa Marie  12/22/11 ©

A Cliche’ In Mind

Oft’ do I find
a cliche’ in mind

When sitting to write
of my latest plight

Trying not to go
where you already know

Rather bring something new
over which to chew

But it’s never easy
whether in-depth or breezy

A message getting across
without suffering a loss

Of the point made
to not soon fade

Yet in a cliche’ mind
it often stays I find!

Teresa Marie  11/28/11

Week 57:




Trying A Limerick

Today I’ll try a limerick
Thought it’d be a kick
To give it a try
And me oh my
Hope this did the trick!

The Purple Treehouse Week 3 submission #1

(As I understand it, a limerick is a 5 line poem.  Lines 1, 2 & 5 must rhyme and lines 3 & 4 must rhyme)