Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth


My Years

(image source: dreamworlds.ru)

I sit thinking
of all my years

The joy and pain
shared laughter and tears

The feelings of inadequacy
that spring from my fears

The future hopes and dreams
to which my mind steers

Praying angels walk beside me
when evil to me nears

And as I live on
a path before me clears

That I’ll be an inspiration
to my beloved “little dears”

When they sit thinking back
all through their own years!

Teresa Marie  12/14/11 ©



In The Shadows

(Image source wallpaperstock.net)

Into shadows of
space and time
have gone many
friends of mine

Where all those
years did go
I really don’t
seem to know

On a day
of giving thanks
I have searched
my memory banks

For the ones
that I did love
times like this
them I think of

I thank God
for those He gave
whom the road
for me pave

To be the me
I am today
as my thanks
to Him I say!

Teresa Marie  11/24/11