My Awards

I made this new page because I received a few awards and didn’t know how to go about displaying them.  So this is where they will go.

Awards received on 8/18/11 from Bluebell Books:


Received 9/3/11 from The Poetry Palace  rally week 50 for What’s Evil and What’s Good


Received 9/15/11 from Bluebell Books for Short Story Slam Week 9


Received 9/11/11  from Jingle Poetry Gooseberry Hummingbird:


Received on 9/23/11 from ladydiedre:


Received 9/28/11 from Bluebell Books:


Received 9/28/11 from Jingle Poetry – The Gooseberry Garden:


Received on 9/30/11 from Bluebell Books for Week 10 of Short Story Slam:


Received on 10/10/11 from The Thursday Poets’ Rally:


Received 10/14/11 From Promising Poet’s Parkinglot:


Also Received on 10/14/11 From Bluebell Books:


Received from Jingle Poetry: Gooseberry Garden Picnic 10/23/11:


Received from Bluebell Books on 10/28/11:


Received 11/2/11 from Poetry Palace:


Received from Jingle Poetry, Thursday Poets Rally on 11/5/11:


Received from Bluebell Books on 11/12/11:


Received on 11/18/11 from


Received 11/29/11 from Bluebell Books:


Received from Jingle Poetry, Gooseberry Gardens on 12/5/11:

Thank You For The Love Award

——————————————————————————————————————  Received from Bluebell Books on 12/12/11: 

————————————————————————————————————-   Received from The Purple Treehouse on 12/21/11: 


Received from Bluebell Books on 12/23/11:



Received from Autumn and Gabby at: :



Received from Jingle Poetry, Thursday Poets Rally on 1/2/12:



Received from Bluebell Books on 1/7/12:

Short Fiction Award–


Received from Gooseberry Gardens on 1/8/12:

A fairy wand
for New Year’s luck


-Flowers for You



Received from Autumn and Gabby at:
as well as Soma at:


Received from The Gooseberry Gardens on 1/22/12:

Emerging Star Poet of The Year Award—-

– –

Morning Star– ——–


Received  from Celeste of Mortal hearts with immortal souls on 2/7/12:


Received from Promising Poets Parkinglot; Thursday Poets Rally on 2/26/12:


Received from Muhammad of on 3/3/12:


Received from Hyde Park Poetry; Thursday Poets Rally on 3/8/12:


Received from Bluebell Books on 3/10/12:


Received from Autumn and Gabby @:

Linked to:


Received from

Also from Terry;


Received from Hyde Park Poetry- Thursday Poets Rally:


Received 6/7/12 from Terry @



Received 7/1/12 from Terry @





21 thoughts on “My Awards

    1. Are you joking? I don’t know about the nobel prize but I thought it was sweet of Bluebell Books to give these to me. I’ve only been a member for for about a month now. 🙂 So I thought that I should honor them back by displaying them. I was humbled to receive them. Peace….

  1. my goodness this is like Julia Roberts at the Oscars in her prime 😛 won every possible award have u? 😀 but not at all surprised terri. excellent blog u have here. keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Congratulations Terri!
    Three nominations for the Candle Lighter Award! Wow! As you know, I visit your blog regularly and find your posts meaningful. You richly deserve this award alongside all the others.
    Thank you so very much for considering me worthy. I accept and shall pass it on to other ‘candles’.

    Have a great week ahead, Eric

    1. Thank you Eric! I appreciate all your kind words. I do know that you visit often and I am honored that you think my blog worthy of it! I know you are a true man of faith and shine His Light for all to see! Your reward shall be great in heaven!! God bless and have a great weekend yourself! Peace, love and joy, Terri


  3. I think we started to blog at the same time, and your blog stats are wonderful and your awards page. Wow, how wonderful, is there a secret? Anyhow Congrats on receiving all of the awards and your display as they encourage me to keep blogging and sometimes I want to give up. Jackie

    1. I think we were about the same time, Jackie. I know that you were one of my first followers and vice-versa. I don’t know that I have found any secret to it except I utilize every link available to me, which I’m sure you already do too. However, our content is a great deal different. I would not venture to give you advice or constructive criticism on anything that you do because I’m not familiar with other blogs of similar content. I am linked in to numerous other poetry sites and creative writing sites too. Those drive a lot of traffic to me as well. Have you tried finding that type of thing for your interests? Don’t give up on yourself though whatever you do!!! I know it can be discouraging at times, but you love doing it 🙂 I’ll see you soon. Big hugs, Terri

  4. I have nominated you to respond to Mrs. Sparkly’s Ten Commandments! If you want to join in the fun, please see my blog for more details ~ Julie 🙂

    1. Thanks Julie for the nomination! I am, however, going to have to pass on this one. I’m just still too sick and not up to it at this time. I do so appreciate you thinking of me though and I enjoyed reading your post!! Blessings, Terri


    1. Thank you so much!! I think you may have found one that I have not received already, lol!!! I will be over shortly to see your post. God Bless, Terri

  5. hi, I am working on putting your entry to the collection, could not find where it is,

    can you find it, it’s published in Feb 2, 2012 and email the content to, it takes me forever to find your Feb entries here….

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