Thinking You’re Smarter Than They Are Part 2

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So they told him that they were going to follow him home and talk to this “roommate” for themselves before they decided whether or not they were going to take him to jail for disturbing the peace.  Thinking that he was drunk, they had administered a breathalyzer test already but it came back negative.  Knowing that something wasn’t right, they were determined to find out what was going on!

By this time, I am sleeping soundly having made the proper conclusion that something had gone wrong and not feeling like dealing with it until later in the day.  I heard my door open and another roommate was at my bed whispering in my ear that the cops were there, inside the door, and wanting to talk to me.  Trying to shake the deep sleep out of my head, my heart leapt into my throat!  “They are already inside?!”

Oh my God!  All my well laid plans were shot to hell, now what was I gonna do?!  Telling myself not to panic, I told them to inform the officers that I was getting dressed and would be out momentarily.  I also said to try to get them out from in front of the door which was a straight shot down the hallway from my bedroom and they would see me as soon as I came through the door.

Grabbing the few things that were on my bedside table and throwing them into the tote, my mind was racing!  I couldn’t hit the balcony from my window, it was too far!  I had fallen asleep with my clothes on so that bought me a few minutes.  I cracked open the door and peeked out to see the police were facing away from the door as they stood half-way in between the living room and hallway.

As quietly as I possibly could, I opened the door the rest of the way and pulled the tote out behind me; silently cracked open the door of the next room and tossed it in to another person waiting in there to take it from me.

Whew!  Okay, that solved, I walked down the hall to talk to the two officers who were now looking at me and asking me to step outside and speak with them.

After giving me a rough overview of why they were there, they asked me to explain to them what had proceeded my roommate’s idiotic behavior at the apartment complex.

“I’m gonna kick your a–!” I thought to myself when I heard them telling me what he had done.  Thank God I was always fairly quick on my feet, cool under pressure and had an ample imagination (not to mention that they had no probable cause to search my apartment).  I dove in headfirst and picked up on the crumbs of the story he had started to feed them.

“I received a call from my step-niece saying that she was stuck at a party she had gone to with another friend who had left her there and wanted to know if someone could come pick her up.  My roommate volunteered to do it since I was tired and was already going to be when she called.  After he left, my niece’s friend returned to the party and picked her up but she didn’t bother to call anyone and tell them that.  So, apparently, after I went to bed, she showed up here on her own to say that she was okay while my roommate was over there aggravated on not being able to find her and yelling in the hallways of the complex.  That’s really all I know since I’ve been asleep and you just now woke me up with all this stuff.”

At that point, they asked my niece to speak with them outside as I went back into the apartment.  While they were gone from the room, I looked at my roommate and asked, “What the hell happened and are you out of your ever-loving mind yelling at 3 a.m. in the hallways of an apartment complex?!!  I hope you filled her in on the story you fed them while I was out there so we are all giving them the same thing!”

 I quickly walked to the other bedroom, cracked open the door and rolled my hand over in a questioning gesture to the person waiting in there.  They gave me a thumbs up to say that, yes the tote bag is gone!

A few moments later, the police came back in the apartment.  My niece had tears on her cheeks and I thought, “Dear God, what did you tell them?!!”  But I was much calmer now that I knew the “evidence” was gone.

“Is everything okay now officers?” I asked in my sweetest concerned mother type of voice.

“Well, it is with you ma’am,” they responded, “but we think there was more going on with this story than what you or us are being told.  However, we have no evidence to pursue this further, so we are going to leave it with a warning to them that, if we have to come back, someone will be going to jail tonight!  Sorry to disturb your sleep.”  And with that being said, they left.

Needless to say, nobody went to sleep for quite a while after that as I proceeded to ream each one for their contribution to this near miss we had just survived!

I don’t know why God protected me through days like this, but I do know that it was all Him and had nothing to do with me being smarter than anyone else!!

Teresa Marie 6/3/12 ©

5 thoughts on “Thinking You’re Smarter Than They Are Part 2

  1. a great ending to the story. i loved the part the most where you admit that even then God was watching over you. He always has and always is. It is up to us to acknowledge him and accept, which we both have done. What a wonderful life we have, and we never have to look back, because we both know all is forgiven

    1. Thanks Terry!! So true too, He is always watching out for us!! whether we deserve it or not! I know that I definitely had nothing to do with escaping jail so many times!!! hugs…


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