Today’s Devotion – Open Invitation

Open Invitation

“I will call them âmy people’ who are not my people; and I will call her âmy loved one’ who is not my loved one” (Romans 9:25).

Scripture: Romans 9:22-26
Song: “Now I Belong to Jesus

God,” I prayed, “if You really do exist, would You help me? I’m afraid-I don’t want to do this!”

I was definitely an outsider-not one of God’s people-but I had learned about Him from my maternal grandmother. As an abused teen, I had decided my family’s only avenue of escape was for me to shoot my abusive father. What hope did I have of being heard by God, much less helped by Him?

Thankfully, my outsider status didn’t stop Him from hearing my plea. Through Christ, God saved me at a crucial crossroads in my life-and He accepted me into His family. As one of His, I actually began praying for the salvation of the father whom I’d so hated-and had even planned to kill. Even more amazing, I discovered I could begin to forgive my father for serious crimes that sent him to prison.

I believe God will hear every outsider’s prayer and call them “my loved one”(v. 25) just as He did for me-if they will just ask. After all, Paul-the great apostle of grace-assures us that it is not we who first choose God. It is the Lord of all who reaches down to choose us.

Lord, may I never take for granted my place in Your family. Remind me of Your gracious invitation to fellowship. Let Your grace spill from my heart to those still looking for You. May they too someday be called “my loved one.” In Jesus’ name, amen.

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