The Package

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With the snow coming down
and mounting on the ground
a package to be found
by the whomever came around

And so it was there
that the mother polar bear
did stop at it to stare
to wonder why and where

From which it did appear
for there were none near
in the silence ever clear
as at it she did peer

The decision then was made
like a child in an arcade
great joy by her displayed
for the gift at her nose laid

So she saw was fit
for her to open it
and what a surprise did get
with all her eyes then met

Santa had brought her meat
oh what a wonderous treat
for her children to eat
in their first Christmas feast!!

Teresa Marie  12/18/11  ©


27 thoughts on “The Package

  1. hi mom great post. just wanted to let u know im taking a break from writing. ive cleared all my exams and ill be sailing shortly. maybe in feb. i dunno these days i dont feel like writing. havnt written anything in a week i guess. im trying new things. ive taken up cooking, and ill resume playing sports that i was once good at. im very very fickle minded and i guess im just bored of writing. but i wanted to thank you for all the support uve provided me all along.thank you sooo very much terri. ill visit ur blog for sure. ill keep in touch. take care 🙂 love son.

    1. thank you, my dear, for letting me know what was up ’cause you know me and I would have been worried 🙂 And you are so very welcome, it truly is my pleasure to have adopted you into my little “cyber” fold of children!! Be sure to let me know how you are from time to time!! Love mom

  2. Hey Terri, just wanted to let you know that you are a Preliminary Nominee for The Dark Globe Outstanding Artist Awards Writer of the Year Award, as Nominated by Abichica… In the end, there will only be 5 Final Nominees in each of the 3 Categories, which will be determined on December 20th… If you make the Final 5 Best Writer of the Year cut, Voting for the actual Awards will begin December 21st through December 31st… And the Award Winners will be Announced on January 1st… To see your actual Nomination,and for the Official Rules, you can go here
    Gratz, and if you make the Final Cut, Good Luck! Either way, Kudos for being Nominated

    Editor/Creator/and one of the many Writers of The Dark Globe

    1. DarkJade, Thank you so much for the heads up and I have left my nominations there as well!! I am humbled to have been included by my “cyber” daughter, miss Abi!! She is dear loved and appreciated 🙂 Blessings, Terri

    1. Thanks Maria! It was an appropriate post, wasn’t it, lol! Though I may not win it, I am honored that Abi nominated, bless her heart. and bless yours too!!! Love, Terri

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