UPDATE: Still Alive

“Hello from the other side…”, as Adele sings it

I should have started this first before the signs posting, you know how I am, ’cause I forgot where I planned to start.  Pictures say a thousand words, how about these?





I guess this post will be about the “biggest” news flash… our little guy Sebastian.


I didn’t look back to see if I’d already told you about Sara’s problems with post partum depression or not, but she did not bond well with Sebastian.  The divide was then widened when she and the baby- daddy broke up.  Things just went from bad to worse.  Sara started talking about adoption and that’s where Mark stepped in.  He said the time for adoption was 7 months ago  but if she doesn’t want him, we’ll take him.  Yes you heard that right!  We’ve already met with our attorney & starred the process. 
Your prayers would be appreciated.
May God bless & keep you all!

Hugs and love,

3 thoughts on “UPDATE: Still Alive

    1. Thank you so much for saying so, Karen! I know we’ll do the best we can & leave the rest to God. My eldest two aren’t one bit happy with their sister right now over this but we won’t allow the total chaos & dysfunction that has screwed her up so badly be passed down to this precious baby! He was watching me string a necklace Saturday & dying to get into the beads when I put it around my neck asking, “Sebastian do you think it’s pretty?” He grinned at me and started clapping!! What a sweetheart he is. Blessings dear friend, Terri : )

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