For My Mother on Mother’s Day


What is my mother to me?
Everything that a mother should be,

Ready when needed to scold,
A warm, soft hand to hold ,

Quick to punish for a sin,
A cozy lap to sit in,

Strict when I had gone wild,
Loving to her sweet little child,

Sometimes I have made her sigh,
And others I’ve made her cry,

But our bond I didn’t destroy,
Which brings me the greatest joy,

Lost without her would I be,
She means the world to me!

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!
Happy Birthday too!
I love you more than you know!!

Teresa Marie  5/7/11

2 thoughts on “For My Mother on Mother’s Day

  1. Terri, what a way to celebrate your mother on Mother’s Day. My mom died when I was five. Heartfelt poem!!

    1. Thanks Jackie! I am sorry about your mother and I am sure that today is a day that you miss her even more. I haven’t always appreciated mine as I should have but try to make up for it now. God bless, Terri

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