Viewpoint (Haiku)


* I wrote this poem for all three of my children who are struggling right now with their self…  meaning; self-image, -esteem, -worth, etc.

The things that people do and say to us/about us are so very damaging to our psyche.  Even when we know at times what they are saying is false, it still hurts us.  We are left wondering why they would say or do that to us and eventually work it around in our minds where the finger is pointing back at us; like we must have done something to cause them to act that way.

The reality of it is that, often times, it is their problem and not ours.  People can just plain be mean for many reasons; self-loathing, anger issues, jealousy, selfishness, vindictive, etc.  But any way you slice it, we all have effects on each other, whether good or bad.

We need to keep this in mind at all times (including myself) when we open our mouths.  We need our words to be chosen more carefully and not speak out in anger.  To coin an old phrase, “we need to zip it!”  Because, when we don’t, the damage we do lasts for much longer than our anger usually does!

With love,


6 thoughts on “Viewpoint (Haiku)

    1. Yes, Angie, it most certainly is!! and whipped out in anger way too much when it should remain sheathed until the anger fades 🙂 A lesson my youngest is learning well right now too. Thanks for the comment!! Blessings, Terri


  1. Totally agree that hurt from words can actually last a lifetime, depending on the context or situation they were said. Regardless, however words can be destructive and those wounds are more difficult to heal. Once said, you can’t take those words back and we take forever repairing those wounds. The problem is with those who said them, not with those that received the message. I will pray for your children and family. God Bless You and Your Family. Edie

    1. Oh, thank you Edie!!! Your prayers are always welcome!! Yes, words leave deep seated scars that are hard to remove. Being survivors of physical/psychological abuse, myself and youngest, and my eldest two with the psychological aspect, we all have had our hurdles to jump over. It’s the mountains that were harder to climb 😦 But we have been blessed to be very close in the aftermath and have a wonderful man in our lives now, my husband Mark, whom we all love dearly. That has been a tremendous help. 🙂 Blessings to you and yours, Terri


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