Touch Enough

I remember the days
we couldn’t touch enough

Being away from you
was always so rough

And every little moment
together we would spend

Those are the days
thought would never end

But seems that life
gets in the way

As we go on
living it each day

Still need to touch
much as we can

Even though it’s not
what we did plan

And yet our love
does continues to grow

With the sedated passion
old married folk know!

Teresa Marie  10/20/11

3 thoughts on “Touch Enough

  1. woooww!! this is so sweet and romantic.. i love it.. Even as people get older and many years pass, they should still celebrate their love and touch as if they are hormones filled teenagers.. 😀

    1. Amen! I always used to love seeing elderly couples walking and holding hands, now Mark & I are the older couple (didn’t say elderly yet) holding hands 🙂 The heated passion can still be found at times, lol! I read your new one too and it is very beautiful too!! Love ya, Mom xoxoxo

      1. aaaww.. thank you… I also love seeing elderly couples walking hand in hand, showing love or even kissing.. gives me hope that ill find someone to grow old with as well.. 🙂

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