The Dope


A Labyrithn

A big labyrinth
it does seem
more a nightmare
than a dream

Where there is
great endless stairs
that increase worries
and your cares

For they go
on and on
where has the
time all gone

Feel you’ll never
find the way out
as your fear
gives way to doubt

But hold on
there’s an end
on this fact
you must depend

Don’t give up
you must have hope
or you’ll never
be able to cope!

Teresa Marie   10/21/11

The Streets At Night

Walk the streets at night
but I am not afraid
for our Lord and Savior
my price has already paid

I go out there among
the lowly and down trodden
whom the world in general
has just as well forgotten

When people have no home
nor any food to eat
sleeping in a cardboard box
there in some alley street

There are some who think
the fault is their own
because of drugs or alcohol
they have lost their home

But that is the furthest
from what is really true
when they lost their job
couldn’t pay the mortgage due

So I walk the streets
at night to give hope
I tell them of Jesus
and how He helps to cope!

Teresa Marie  10/10/11