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OMG! I Forgot Again!

This is terrible on my part!!  I feel like a perfect ass on this big screw-up; I try so hard to be a woman of my word and I hate when my disease interferes with me maintaining that goal.

Remember when I got all fired up about trying to get medical support and manufacturer backing for polymer clay physical therapy?

Finally, after having every door shut in my face, I gave up.  I didn’t have the energy to pursue it after Mark was diagnosed either.  BUT, I completely forgot to tell you this part!!

I kind of feel like a heel about the results but you all know that my intentions were all good and I was on the up and up about trying to shine the light on how clay has benefitted me, right?!

Well, here’s the thing, I did hear back from one of the manufacturers, Sculpey, and they were extremely supportive of my quest, just not on a long-term basis.  They told me to pick out what colors I wanted ’cause they were shipping me a one time donation of 50 bars of clay!!

I stated that I hadn’t got anything started yet on the weekly workshops I was hoping for and, therefore, could they make sure the clay was good and fresh since I might have to store it for a while.

Long story short, they said don’t worry about it if I ended up using it myself, they just wanted to contribute back into the community whenever possible, something like that.

Darn it!  I wish I had posted this story immediately after everything happened so I could remember the details better!!!!

But hey, I’m just glad I could share that with you all :)

Sculpey rules!

Hello Again My Friends!

I have missed talking to you all!  Now the time is here when we get nostalgic and sentimental about family and friends.
I hope this holiday season finds you all happy and well.

So much has been happening that I don’t know what I may have already told you or not but I will keep it short in details.

My eldest brother has completed his aggressive treatments for the cancer, I pray it works.

Sara has had her problems but is back at the homeschooling, I pray she graduates.

Dad’s dementia has gotten worse and it makes it hard to have a conversation with him.  The constant pain causes him added distraction. Mom just dropped a fortune on new hearing aids and, so far, I don’t see how they are that much better than the last pair. Since winter winds have arrived to early, they are leaving for Florida after Thanksgiving. For the first time ever in the history of the O’Brien family there will be no Christmas this year. I understand why but am still processing that fact.

I’m so proud of my eldest two grandchildren! They are such smart kids. Em has been on the A Honor Roll for the last few years and now CJ’s catching up, he has all A’s except for 1 high B!!!

I haven’t seen my other grandchildren since the first week the twins came home from the hospital. I tried 4 times to stop in whlie I was in town for a doctor visit but it was never “a good time”. I haven’t talked to my son in a month. HIs eldest turned 5 in late Oct. The party was held on the 3rd of Nov. I was sicker than a dog. Unfortunately, it seems to be the norm when it comes to grandma being at any of the birthday’s. I feel bad and mad about it enough for always missing out but don’t need insult added on top. When Sara got there she informed my “daughter-in-law” that I was sick but had sent presents with her for everybody’s birthday’s. First words out of her mouth were “I didn’t expect her to come, she never shows up!”
My blood was boiling; I was sick all weekend, that day I’d finially broken out in hives (I say finially because every day for a couple of weeks I thought I was going to break out; flushing, red skin, pins and needles along with the itching, but no bumps.) I was sure that I was having a reaction to the new MS pills I went on, and was not in the mood for petty bull crap. Of course someone who tends to be a bit of a drama queen only made it worse with each acusation she made of bad mouthing me.
I really lost my temper bad and sent my son the longest text message that I’ve ever written. It was blunt, almost to the point of mean sadly to say but I’ve kept my mouth shut to all of the past barbs, not this time.
I started it out by saying “Your wife is one smart ass comment away from seeing the true meaning of “monster-in-law…” and for good measure further down “she is a self-center, shelfish, minipulative woman…” Need I tell more? Not my finest hour. :(
I got a text a couple of hours later from Shawna saying that we needed to talk after things cooled down and that she had spent an hour on the phone talking to her brother about everything.
I’m not much one for waiting, so I went over to her house the next evening not really sure what to expect but knowing that she has her own issues with his wife.
As soon as I walked in, she and her boyfriend started laughing saying “Well you sure told her didn’t you?” My reply was “No, I told my son but I knew she would read the text too.”
Shawna said she was sitting at home when all the sudden she gets a text from her saying something lke ” I don’t want to get into the details right now but your mother is to NEVER be around my children at any time!” Well, that was really a stupid thing to say about me to MY daughter! Needless to say, she immediate got on the phone to my son but his wife answered his phone and tried to start a conversation with her. Shawna told Blaine “I don’t know who she thinks she is but you can tell your wife that she is to NEVER talk about or make a comment to me about our mother EVER again!” lol. I asked them both, “Was there one thing in that text that was not 100% the truth? They said “No, you pretty much nailed her.”
We all know how nice Mark is, right? Well he can’t stand her and walks out of the room whenever she walks in. My son told my daughter that he was going to talk to me later, after they talked, but I haven’t heard from him since. That saddens me, I guess I’ll have to be the peacemaker and get hold of him. The one bad thing about it all is that his wife holds on to grudges like a security blanket.

I think it was risidual effects from the huge blowout a few weeks earlier with Sara. We are talking about a screaming match that carried on all through her yanking stuff out of her closet, stuffing a duffel bag, etc. I couldin’t take it anymore when she said that her brother and she both thought that Shawna was my favorite and I do everything for her and her kids but they don’t matter as much. Pressure rising quickly by now. I raised my voice when telling her that maybe it seems that way ’cause she calls me every few days or if something happens to upset her and maybe if Blaine would call me once in month’s time to check in, instead of never, it would seem different. And I told Sara taht maybe if she came out of her bedroom once in a while and talked to me about her problems like her sister did, then she might feel closer to me as well!
Then she throughs a couple of comments in Mark’s direction. Lit me off like a Roman candle.
Needless to say, it wasn’t too pretty but she didn’t run away and our relationship has gained ground for a change.

For some good news! My sales have been doing well over the summer locally. My mom took some of my newer items to a couple of shops in town. The first one wasn’t interested in selling that type of handmade stuff. Oh well. I don’t think she realized what she was doing when she went to the second place. She called me all excited to tell me about how the lady really liked my stuff and said for me to go online and apply for commissioned sales. She came out the next day and gave me the flyer I needed to follow. I about fell over! I said, “Mom, you do realize what this is don’t you?” She said that she must not based on my reaction. I happily informed her that is was an Art Gallery and not a Handmade Shop. She said, “Well then that’s good, right?” lol. Ever the business woman, I think she was still stuck on trying to figure out how they could expect a 40% commission on sales. God bless her! I told her that was pretty standard these days unless they do booth rentals (like what I have here). Also, let’s not forget, this is an Art Gallery and people will expect to pay a little higher price for the prestige of owning a “original” piece of art.

How it works is like this: It is an Artist’s owned Gallery. There are two avenues of acceptance.
1 You can become a paying member, sit on the board, vote, work etc.
2 You can pay them a commission to sell your art. I need to fill out a customized resume and put together a portfolio of the 5 items that I am submitting for consideration. Then the board will vote on it!!

Even if it doesn’t work out, I am just thrilled and honored with the invite to apply. :)

Here are some of the things that I’ve been working on lately:

This is not finished yet. It has been baked and I’m almost done with painting, then sone fine tuning and it will be ready to go.
This Angel Fish I made for Penny’s Birthday, whech was Friday.

wpid-wp-1416701395146.jpeg wpid-20141002_173252.jpg wpid-wp-1416698042467.jpeg wpid-wp-1416698061320.jpeg wpid-20141115_213547.jpg wpid-wp-1416698172150.jpeg wpid-wp-1416698149425.jpeg wpid-wp-1416698109634.jpeg wpid-wp-1416698208648.jpeg wpid-wp-1416698263343.jpeg wpid-wp-1416698295668.jpeg





































These next pic’s are of my booth space up-town.
The wild looking design on the bud vase is actually translucent and there is a candle inside to shine through like stained glass, sorta. The last pic with same general pattern is a large sun catcher.

wpid-wp-1416698342180.jpeg wpid-wp-1416698369880.jpeg wpid-wp-1416698443599.jpeg wpid-wp-1416698483239.jpeg wpid-wp-1416698522395.jpeg wpid-wp-1416698540781.jpeg



























Well, I hope you enjoyed browsing the new stuff! Wish me luck with the gallery, please :)

I don’t know if I’ll be back on here much before Christmas so allow me to extend my heartfelted best wishes and many blessings on you and yours this Christmas season!!
PS: And if I do make it back, then you get doubles hee-hee!

Much love to one and all of you, my friends,

New Family Photos

My eldest Shawna and her new beau; isn't she beautiful?

My eldest Shawna and her new beau; isn’t she beautiful?



Emily Grace and Christopher James; her babies

Emily Grace and Christopher James; her babies


  10390549_685127794855801_8255674859714135105_n 10305959_10203122560482627_4614049250264096697_n 1535395_838748786149522_4940096021022769024_n                                                                                                       






















My youngest beauty, Sara Jayne with one of her many hair coloring jobs.

My youngest beauty, Sara Jayne with one of her many hair coloring jobs.


Us three girls and one of the few photos that you will ever see of me, lol!

Us three girls and one of the few photos that you will ever see of me, lol!




My second child; son Blaine and his wife Cait.  Another gorgeous couple if I do say so myself :)

My second child; son Blaine and his wife Cait. Another gorgeous couple if I do say so myself :)


If you are wondering about the tat's:  that's a Gaelic cross  in the center and the Serenity Prayer on his shoulder

If you are wondering about the tat’s: that’s a Gaelic cross in the center and the Serenity Prayer on his shoulder


10556539_838749126149488_2881581313623182050_n 10487217_10203502798868349_1327646421013211246_n 10421481_10203904988802846_6405823079950011014_n 10347171_10203500841739422_5120193139439307277_n

Their eldest son Trenton is in the yellow tank top; with cousins Emily and CJ and someone I don't know.

Their eldest son Trenton is in the yellow tank top; with cousins Emily and CJ and someone I don’t know.

LIlly Jo

LIlly Jo

Hayden Ray

Hayden Ray

Twin love

Twin love

10517555_10203502798148331_7189331738224190956_n 10505347_10203546690365609_3757699414012471886_n 10488162_10203502799188357_1810476421150413774_n 10442415_10203419606708597_8029332252738504657_n 10393159_838749339482800_2075965176190439303_n






As Neil Diamond sang “Hello Again, Hello!” To All American Heroes; Home and Abroad!!


It is been quite some time since I’ve had the energy/inspiration to write.  I wanted to say hello to you all and wish you a happy holiday weekend, even though it is now almost over.  I was watching movies today while laying around on the couch ( seems to be a daily thing of late ) and I said to Mark that I didn’t know why I started watching one movie in particular because it always tares me up every time I see it; Ladder 49.  I’m sure many of you know what I’m talking about but, for those of you who don’t, it has a stellar cast led by one of my favorite actors – large_An6ECPfiWWlh6k412QyTwr1WLjs (1)John Travolta – and chronicles the life of firemen at one particular fire station.  The main focus of the story is on John and Joaquin Phoenix’s characters.  I’ve watched it enough times to know how it ends but not enough to remember the journey between start and finish.

Now I remember why I don’t ever watch it when I see it’s on; I balled my eyes out through the majority of it and ended up with a head ache!

But, having said all that, it did remind me that I need to be more vigilant about honoring the everyday American heroes that are walking our streets night and day with only one goal; the saving of lives.  I have seen it and experienced it personally more than once; Mark has told me; my children, brothers, parents, cousins, friends…

No one that I know has come through this life without having been touched by one of these heroes whether it be Police, Fire Rescue, EMT, Nurse, Doctor, etc.  The list goes on and on.

So, in addition to my usual Military Honors given throughout the year, I want to add all of you Everyday American’s who are also our heroes and deserving of the same level of respect that we give the military.

Those of you who have personally touched my life and those of my family, a special thank you goes out to you with every blessing of God bestowed upon you and yours!!

Peace and love,  Terri


PS:  BTW I consider my cyber friends out there who have been so supportive and loyal to be my heroes also.  There are many days that I would not have made it through had it not been for your kindness and love!!  Cyber buddies, sweeties, and baby girls: I love each and every one of you!!!!  xxxxxxxxxxxx

Some New Pictures to Share

Hi everyone!  My hand is healing slowly and it still is hard to type but I thought I had better jump on here and let you know that I am alive, lol..  I’ve been doing well with my sales at the local hand made  shop, yippee!  I even had a commission for a candle holder to encase the large sized Yankee candle order and she was so thrilled with it that she promised to be back for more.  Lucky me, I have recently had the pleasure of shingles for the second time :(

Please say a prayer for my eldest brother, Kevin, the one with cancer.  He has been in the hospital for a week now.  He went in with pneumonia, original diagnosis, but now they can’t figure out why he is so sick.

I have some new pic’s of the grandkids and the latest masterpieces I’ve created, also a few that are still not quite finished.  I’m most proud of my owls, my new style of dragons and the one for Sara to give her boyfriend for his birthday..  :)  Much love and many blessings to you all!!  Terri

First for family bragging:

2014-07-1012 2014-07-1011 2014-07-1010 2014-07-109







Next for the Artist in me:

2014-07-108 2014-07-107 2014-07-106 2014-07-105 2014-07-104 2014-07-103 2014-07-102 2014-07-101 2014-07-10 Candleholder - Commission Order



Quick Update

I had surgery on my hand a week and a half ago, so typing isn’t very easy right now.  I had “trigger finger” in my thumb and it was causing me all kinds of problems but the surgeon said that he has never had anyone come back a second time after having this procedure done.

I was also on one of my MS sleeping jags again too.  Last week, I believe, I averaged being awake for maybe a total of 4 hours each day :(  I’m hoping that’s coming to an end, although I have been fighting to stay awake several times today.

I know, through the grapevine, that my brother finished up with all of his chemo for now.  Praying it worked.

Dad and mom have been back from Florida for about a month now, both are doing good.

Mark had a new ultra-sound done and it showed some improvement in the inflammation of his heart.  We figured that was probably due majorly to his now working.  Mom said that will make him harder than ever to control and I agreed.  I catch him doing things that he shouldn’t be often and have to remind him that he can’t do anything he wants to anymore.  Today I had a can-nip fit about him carrying a TV in from the Jeep.  He was pretty winded when he was done and I think he realized I was right ;)

The twins are both well over 7 lbs. each now and doing great!

Looking forward to my other two babies (Emily and Christopher) coming over to spend some time with grandma and papaw in the next couple of weeks.  Emily was on the A Honor Roll last semester!!!  I was so proud of her.

That’s about all my hand can take for now.

Peace, love and blessings to you all,  Terri

Best Man

Best Man

Time Running Out

Game of the Life

And Three Became Five

Once there had been three
grandchildren to me
But now, man alive
the three became five!

On April 25th, my son and his wife had twins!!  A boy, Hayden Ray, and a girl, Lillian Jo.  Both are healthy (over 5.5 lbs each), although Lilly Jo was breach and broke her collarbone on the way out :( but is now moving her arm like nothing ever happened.  After all of the depressing news we’ve had over the last 6-9 months, this is a much needed breath of fresh air.  Here are some picture collages I made of our darling beauties!

Love and hugs to all, Terri

Grandpa Fred, Hayden, Lilly and Mom (Cait)

Grandpa Fred, Hayden, Lilly and Mom (Cait)

Daddy (Blaine) with his babies

Daddy (Blaine) with his babies

Mom, big brother (Trenton), Daddy, cousins (Emily & Christopher)

Mom, big brother (Trenton), Daddy, cousins (Emily & Christopher)

My eldest two (Shawna & Blaine), grandchildren (Emily, Christopher, Trenton, Lilly Jo and Hayden Ray

My eldest two (Shawna & Blaine), grandchildren (Emily, Christopher, Trenton, Lilly Jo and Hayden Ray

Big brother gives mom and dad thumbs up on his new brother and sister!  How adorable can you get?  I have some beautiful family, if I do say so myself :)

Big brother gives mom and dad thumbs up on his new brother and sister! How adorable can you get? I have some beautiful family, if I do say so myself :)


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