An Honor Due and Some Food for Thought



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Killing Shot




Military Honor Day Today

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Update, New Clay Pic’s and DIY Craft Room Organization

Hi everybody.  I got a call from mom yesterday and she had talked to my brother.  He is going through aggressive chemo’ treatments daily (for 45 days I think she said) and is doing as well as he can with them :(  Just taking it one day at a time.  She said that they are in no hurry to come back from Florida since it’s in the 80′s down there but thinking around mid-April.

Okay, don’t laugh at my handiwork technically speaking.  I had a kitchen table in here before and it took up way to much of my limited space.  When the grandkids were here, they had to pick their way through and I worried about something getting knocked off.  (Shouldn’t have been so worried about them and more about Mark!  He just knocked off one of the fairies you will be seeing in a minute and broke it in 4-5 places :(  I glued it back together again, guess that’s a keeper.  Anyway,  I was browsing Pinterest boards one day and came across a tutorial on how to take an old chest-of-drawers and convert it for storing supplies (of course theirs were all nicely decorated, fresh paint…).  I’m not trying to win any contests or anything, lol!

I have a few new things to show you that I’m just finishing up on too.  Hope you like them.

Peace, love and blessings to one and all!!!!!  Terri

P.S.  Mark bought me a new desk on the condition that he didn’t have to put it together.  K-Mart had these “Ladder Desks” on sale for $71 clearance.  Sara and I did it all by ourselves!!  Except for the drawer, she and her boyfriend did that for me :)  It freed up a huge amount of space and there are not any danger spots now where things will be knocked off.

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A Smile for Distraction





























I’m Still Here, Barely

Hello dear friends,

I’m still here but the stress has taken it’s toll.  Between my dad, Sara’s suicide watches, Mark’s rare heart diseases, and now my other brother’s cancer that requires aggressive chemotherapy, I’ve been rocked to the core.  I know you’ve been wondering and I’m sorry for leaving you all hanging but I just couldn’t find it in me to write.  I’ve immersed myself into my clay but that’s not even come easily.  I have to make myself do something every day, rather than wanting to.  I know this will all pass, it will go as God wills it, and …  My brother was the last straw, and he won’t even talk to me :( .

I cutting this shorter than what I meant to but the tears are flowing again and I just can’t…

Love and blessings to you all, Terri

When Darkness Fell


The Moment is Right

This is to my immediate family as well as to all of you – my cyber family!!  Thank you for all of the support you have given us over the past year (or I should say the past 4 years!!)  I love and appreciate you all.  May God bless you richly, keep you safely in the palm of His hand and grant you the Merriest Christmas ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – along with a Happy New Year too :)  xxxxxxxxxxxxx o

(BTW:  Mark just got his third opinion last week, that doctor concurred with the first two and their diagnosis. :(  BUT, we will not allow it to dampen our Holidays.  I plan on enjoying however much time God grants us together; hoping and praying for another miracle Christmas like the one He gave us a few years back when my brother wasn’t supposed to live long enough to see the day and we still have him!!)

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Knight of Dreams

knight of dreams

Updates From My Scattered Mind

Dad:  Finished up with his physical therapy last week for his back.  He doesn’t think it helped that much but mom does, :)  His dementia is progressing :(

Mom:  Cataract surgery was successful.  Everything is looking good, lol!

Mark:  Not much change :(  He has a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and we’ll see what he says then.  I don’t think the heart medicine that he gave him is doing anything to improve his condition.

Blaine:  My son found out last week that he and his wife, Cait, are having twins!  Not identical, each in their own sack.  Due 5/27  :)

Keith:  My brother’s wife, Lisa, was in a head-on collision a few of weeks ago on her way home from school (she is a teacher).   It shattered her ankle and broke a bone in her neck.  Home from the hospital now.  Cast on for ? and neck brace for 3 – 4 months but we are thankful to still have her with us!!

 I’m getting ready to take some things up to a consignment shop we have here in town, wish me luck!  (Oh ya, the bride and groom cats are what I made for my son and his wife’s wedding present.)

We wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!!  God bless and keep you this holiday season!!  Love and hugs, Terri

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